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Metal Furniture

Handasa Engineering makes contemporary and classic furniture. Our in house design and manufacturing teams enable us to offer a plethora of designs to our end customers. These are primarily distinguished into 7 categories of: Sofas, Chairs, Tables (side tables, centre tables, office tables), Dining tables, Outdoor and Patio furniture. We work with the hospitality, corporate and educational institutions as well as the domestic sector client to provide entirely bespoke furniture solutions; allowing us to cater to our diverse clientele’s precise requirements.

Window Grills

We design and fabricate superior quality and beautifully designed balcony and window grills which are made from high grade stainless steel, mild steel and cast iron. These are offered in distinct designs and prevention coatings to combat corrosion and chemical influences.

Gate Design

The limit is only your imagination when it comes to choosing your dream gate design from us. If you have your design on paper, let us bring it to reality.

We work closely with our clients to give them the exact product they want.

Roofing / Trusses

Handasa Engineering now offer a complete metal sheet or Roofing services, no matter how large or small the building. From small sheds and out-houses to large barns and factory units, we can handle any size metal sheet installation project with total customer satisfaction our main priority. We use only the best qualified and experienced tradesman for a metal roof installation.

All of our Trusses are built using only the finest material that have been carefully pressed into position, providing a pre-engineered Truss to meet your specifications. Our experienced and knowledgeable design staff has the ability to ensure that your project runs smoothly, no matter how complex it may be. At Mainely Trusses, we are committed to your satisfaction. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Handasa Engineering has been providing Metal Railing services in Mangalore since 2 years. We offers a wide range of services outside of the railing industry. Give us a call for all of your Railing Works.